Perhaps you’re actively looking for a job, perhaps you’re just starting your job hunt.   Perhaps you’re looking to solidify your online brand by ensuring your LinkedIn profile is consistent with your resume, website and relevant social sites.  Regardless of the motivation, you’ve probably spent a good deal of time word smithing and fine-tuning how you present yourself.  No question, that’s a critical step.  We need to sell ourselves.  We need to communicate our unique value add clearly, consicely….and with as few words as possible.

But what about your headshot photograph?   Have you committed to the same level of excellence with your profile image as you have with your competencies and professional expertise?  Or have you defaulted to what’s convenient?  A headshot from 10 years ago?  A family photo with your significant other cropped out? Or (EEEK…) a selfie?

We live and do business in a visual world.  Swipe left, swipe right, Like, Love, Wow…it’s how we process and interact with information.  Why? Humans process visual information 65,000X faster than text and visual content makes up 93%of human communication.

So what does this mean for your LinkedIn profile?  If you don’t have visual content on your profile and, more specificly, a professional headshot that conveys competence, approachability and confidence, hiring managers may never get to your carefully sculpted profile verbiage.

Invest in a professional headshot photographer who can ensure you can you look as good as your profile says you are.  In a future post we’ll discuss specific characteristics of a good headshot and how to ensure you look your best.

Contact us today to set up your headshot photography session today.  You’ll be amazed by our process and your images!

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