A quick survey of the profile photos on the “My Network” section of LinkedIn photos make it clear that inconsistent, mediocre and unprofessional profile imagery abounds.  Selfies, family photos, blurry party photos…any and everything in between.  The emotions and attributes many of these photos convey?

  • “deer in the headlights”
  • eagerness
  • “out to lunch”
  • “I’m available…”
  • …and much more that is generally inappropriate for professional networking

The good news?  With some concerted effort and professional help you have an opportunity to, literally, rise head and shoulders above the masses!

So what should your profile photo convey?  Certainly your image should exude professional competence.  Competence will be reflected by your clothing, grooming, demeanor, and your carefully sculpted profile verbiage.

There are 2 other critical yet less tangible attributes:

  1. Approachability and
  2. Confidence

The photographic challenge is HOW to capture approachable confidence.  The key lies in the eyes and the mouth.  Approachability comes from the mouth while confidence comes from the eyes.

The secret is getting the right amount of each attribute.  Too much approachability and we look “eager.”  We don’t want to look eager to clients or hiring managers.  Too much confidence and we start to look “sinister” or “nasty”

We have a process that blends art and science to help strike the right balance for the image you want to project.  Often clients want several images that reflect different points on the spectrum of approachable confidence; one for casual applications and another for professional use.

Contact us today to set up your headshot photography session today.  You’ll be amazed by our process and your images!

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