Photographing a great headshot is an interactive process of direction, coaching and seeing the results in real time.  The quality we look to capture is what we call “approachable confidence.”

To that end we shoot tethered into a computer.  Periodically throughout the session we review the images together so I learn how to best capture your image and you learn how to adjust your body position and expression in real time and feel great with the results. Together, we’ll capture some great images that reflect your professionalism and personal brand!  Most people find, through this interactive process, they learn a lot about how to look good in front of any camera.  A quick video preview of our process can be found HERE.

To help optimize the session here are few suggestions:

  1. Wardrobe – The key here is wear what you love and feel comfortable in and try to avoid busy prints and overly bright colors.  Please feel free to bring a bunch of options that you feel are consistent with the image you’d like to project.  We may opt to change mid-session to give you options  Bring several solid color shirts and several sport coat or suit jackets if they are to be worn. A white shirt is ok if worn with a jacket, otherwise it reflects too much light.  If a tie is to be worn, again, bring options.
  2. Grooming and Makeup – Minimal.    For guys, a clean shave is essential, and we generally don’t recommend make up for men, except to manage shine, and we can typically manage that without make up.  For women professional make up is essential.  We use a very light touch and, as you can see in this post’s feature image, it makes a huge visual impact.  Brandon Ward worked his magic on the individual in the image above.  You can see more of his work HERE.   Arrive without makeup, just a clean face and we’ll take it from there.
  3. Jewelry – Also very minimal.  The human eye naturally gravitates to the brightest and sharpest element in an image…My scientist friends, who are way smarter than me, tell me we have human evolution to thank for that fact.  In a headshot we want the brightest and sharpest element to be your eyes.  Too much bling also detracts from the face and distracts the viewer.  We want YOU to be the star, not the clothing or accessories.
  4. Hair – Whatever you normally wear in a business setting…but don’t spend too much time with it before you arrive.  Our professional make up artist will make it all happen from there.  If you have pictures on your phone that illustrate how you like to wear it those can be helpful too.    Men should bring a comb and or a brush so we can keep it tidy throughout the session.
  5. Glasses – If you wear them we may shoot with and without them.  Managing reflections is key so please wear lenses with antireflective coatings if you have them and please wash them thoroughly.
  6. Bonus Tip – Finally, be sure to schedule enough time.  This is an important investment in you personal brand so don’t short change it.  Most sessions take about an hour, perhaps more if we are doing multiple wardrobe and background changes.  Women should also allow an additional 45min. for hair and makeup artistry.

Contact us today to set up your headshot photography session today.  You’ll be amazed by our process and your images!


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