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Our home town team fielded 2 teams this year and, in classic HPG Team form, as of this writing both teams were disqualified for only sending 5 riders each off the line… Aside from that however a grand time was had by all.    Douglas and his bride outdid themselves with a phenomenal after party with 200+ event images rotating through his big screen via apple TV.  Fun Stuff.  Looking forward to next year already.


This image if the Seine and the Conciergerie in Paris has generated a fair amount of interest and a few questions on how I handled the post processing.  The video tutorial below explains the process but first a little background might be helpful.

When you see the original raw image, straight out of the camera, it was so markedly different from the finished image.  So I thought it might help to articulate my philosophy on the matter of post processing right out of the gate.

Photojournalism is, by necessity, an unadulterated record of events. Media outlets have very strict rules around how much post processing can be done to an image.  This protects the media’s credibility and ensures honest reporting.

Art, however, is not photojournalism.  In the context of travel images art is an impression of a memory…perhaps how you want to remember the scene…perhaps because atmospheric conditions at the time of capture were not ideal…perhaps, as in the case of this image, both.

I’d like to say I staked out this location for days, chose my position on the bridge carefully and waited hours for the light to be right.  But the reality is that the image was a simple click while on a family walk after dinner. We were headed over to Notre Dame on the Pont Notre Dame as the sun was setting.  The light was OK but not great, I largely shot from the hip and I knew then and there I would have to find a way to make the image “pop” in post.

So the good news is that nice land and cityscapes don’t always require methodical planning and tech…often we can capture them on the fly…and that’s great news ‘cuz life doesn’t stop while we play with the camera.


Nikon D800

ISO 100

Nikkor 28-300mm f3.5 – 5.6, at f8.0

ThinkTank Retrospective 10

A little free time can be both a blessed and dangerous thing.

It’s a complete luxury to hang out and do nothing on a completely guilt free basis.  My web hosting company recently released new layout architecture  and its capabilities seem pretty slick.  On the other hand, monkeying with its new functional goodies has been an exercise in watching large chunks of precious time vaporize into the ether.

Hope you like the new layout.  It seems cleaner and more engaging, but feel free to let me know what you think….yes I know it needs more content. Workin’ on that.  No wine before its time, as it were.

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Time to get out from behind this computer and go make some images.


This is a personal story and visual rememberance…of hot sweaty tried kids grown into young men….from boogie boards to skim boards…from best friends to girl friends.  Often we used to visit friends in Gloucester on the beach.  It’s been too long and was great to go back.  Such temporal whiplash to see our kids there again.  Sometimes life feels like driving down the road with one eye looking through the windshield and the other fixed on the rear view mirror.  Never stop taking pictures…


Caught up in the moment and nostalgia,  I neglected to ensure my shutter speed was 4 time 1/ focal length.  Many were only shot at 1/250th -1/320th sec…should have been 1/1000 – 1/1250 and 300mm, so sharpness suffers a bit, even with reasonable panning skills.  Ah well…


Nikon D800

Nikkor 28-300mm, f3.5 – 5.5